Earth is Calling

Earth is Calling

Earth is CallingEarth is CallingEarth is Calling

Lend Your Voice

Earth is Calling

Earth is Calling

Earth is CallingEarth is CallingEarth is Calling

Lend Your Voice


Why Earth is Calling

Young people all over the world are deciding that meaning is more important than materialism. They know that unless humans create sustainable solutions now, their future is not bright. These Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X, young women and men, are on the move. They are our changemakers. Earth is Calling is their voice.

Earth is Calling, Lend Your Voice!™

This visually compelling and entertaining reality TV or web-series will reveal underreported, innovative sustainability solutions that address the global crises of clean water, lack of affordable and ecologically safe housing, radiation issues, and the catastrophic pollution of our seas, air and food. 

EiC promotes social action toward sustainable living and is focused on education, engagement, and entertainment, primarily created by young people, who will write, film, design, teach and be mentored by celebrated professionals as they report on unprecedented stories of change from around the world.

Music: The Driving Force

Straight to the Heart

We  believe that music, coupled with film, is a force of change, and each Earth Is Calling episode will be devoted to original music written by young people themselves. Countless young people believe music changes the hearts of every person. 

Joel Karabo Elliott from South Africa, an integral part of Earth is Calling made this video a few years ago to capture his passion for change as a musician and lover of our Earth its peoples and all living things. 

EiC will feature an original theme song not unlike We Are the World by EiC founder, Judd Hamilton. Having been active in the music industry for over 40-years, Judd has performed and worked with an impressive list of music / film icons.

Music will be the binding thread that will catapult this series into the hearts and minds of all viewers.  

Global Stories

Each Episode in the series will include intimate stories from around a world in crisis and address the urgent need for available solutions, regardless of social or financial status. 


EiC will address the underreported sustainable innovations that will successfully ameliorate our world’s most pressing crises of:

Clean drinking water: 

800 Million people have no clean water.

Sustainable food production: 

1 in 7 humans are starving, 1/3 of all food produced goes to waste.

Safe and affordable housing: 

1M people are homeless in the USA alone. Global homelessness is staggering.

Radiation free, mold-free, EMF-free building solutions.

Health and wellbeing solutions


Recycled raw material resources

Alternative energy and electricity



Earth is Calling is devoted to inter-connection between generations. From elders to seasoned professionals who work with our involved youth, EiC is a groundbreaking model.



The format for the series will include a central focus on our youth who narrate, participate in the creation of each episode, script write, contribute to the cinematography, art, graphics, animations, and music. Young people will show various self-sufficient practices and technologies.

Get Involved


Join our Team

Mentor Young People

Mentor Young People

Join one of our international Youth Concept and Development Think Tanks to help create Earth is Calling. We invite young people 18-35 to lend a voice through art, animation, music and film to help develop Earth is Calling.  


Mentor Young People

Mentor Young People

Mentor Young People

Are you a writer, filmmaker, musician, web builder or general creative genius? Become a mentor for the young people who are creating Earth is Calling.  


Become a Sponsor

Mentor Young People

Become a Sponsor

Return on Impact is one of the most rewarding ways to contribute to change.  Find out how your money can earn a return, get a tax deduction and make this film series a reality. 

Change the world, change your life. 

Lend Your Voice

One Voice, Jason Silva

This Ted Talk by one amazing young man, Jason Silva, is about changing our minds to change our future. 

Young People Travel the World to Record Children

This world music group, AO Music, demonstrated that sending a team of young people to Nepal to record children, not only brought transformational music to light but changed each and every person involved. EiC is dedicated to intergenerational connection and creativity. 

Contact Us and Be Heard

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Let's Get Started!

We would love to hear from you and for you to share in the adventure. If you have music, ideas, want to be part of our Youth Think Tank, get behind a camera, or write copy, let us know. It takes a village.

Sponsorship and Investing

If you would like to know how to become a sponsor and contribute financially, become a professional alliance, or become a pivotal part of filming, please reach out to:

Co-Op Media Arts Productions

Seattle, Washington, United States